Versatile, Talented, and Energetic Musical Group out of St. John's, Antigua.


Journey with us, listen to our music below, as we showcase our passion for entertaining others, musically. Listen to our music from 2010 until 2019. Our mission is to make good Caribbean music.

Just kick back and get lost in the music that makes Antigua and Barbuda music both so distinctive and well loved. #Madly

Lucky - SetOn De Entertainer || 2019 Soca Music
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DeyYoo - Lyrical Reds || 2019 Soca Music
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Island Girls - King Hard Knaxs || 2019 Soca Music
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Krazy - King Hard Knaxs || 2019 Soca Music
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PotHole - King Hard Knaxs || 2019 Soca Music
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Whether you’re daydreaming about the pink sands in Barbuda, calm blue seas, and coconut trees next to a beach bed or even dancing the night away on the white sandy beaches in Antigua, there’s a single or bunch of songs you’re bound to love and dance away to... 


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