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Much love and respect to all the people of Antigua and Barbuda and our Sponsors!



From Mad-T-Guans to our:

// families, friends, supporters, sponsors, and our beautiful nation, Antigua and Barbuda. "What a time to be alive"


There is a saying that goes like this, "you pick up some fans and a handful of haters along the way. Through everything, Mad-T-Guans feel extremely honoured and humbled that a lot of people are showing us so much love especially our ghetto friends. Haters say we too ghetto but we tell them thanks for the feedback.  


We are so lucky because all our fans from around the world are great. We love all our fans from everywhere, Our UK fans want us to visit them. We will try! Our Yankee fans say "pull up" and our local people say "we love y'all". You are all really the best fans we could wish for. 

We love writing songs. We love cooking up music with "HighWayne" and "KWiz Official".  We  love talking to the fans and listening to what they have to say.  Our fans have stood by us  through thick and thin, and we think this love is what makes our performances and shows great!


For us, the gift of music comes along with certain responsibilities, which Mad-T-Guans take seriously. However, at the same time we try to use our gifts to do something that makes a difference in a positive way like contributing to the culture of Antigua and Barbuda through positive entertainment vibes! #Madly #SheMakesMeLaughAlot #SlapWey #ShellDung #HighWayne #kWizOfficial #JukeyDan #TwentyTwo #LyricalReds #SetOn #KingHardKnaxs

This song is for our largest fan base:

// the Children


As we always been saying, we do this for the Fans! We took the time out to make this song to show you how much we appreciate all of our fans, supporters, friends and family. We hope you appreciate this because it's coming straight from our hearts!


Do take a listen to the new and improved Mad T-Guans.

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#BetterWayToShine #FortheYouth #ShareShareShare

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