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// song writer, recording artist, entertainer, singer, fashionist


If you ask the Antigua and Barbuda Festival Commission, who is Set-On? Their quoted response is "Seth started singing at the age of 13 and has been passionate about the development of young talent within his community." Set-On enjoys inspiring a lot of his peers in the local music business and showing love to the Mad-T-Guans' youngest fan base, the local children. 

Antigua Carnival 2019 is approaching and there is a lot of Soca Music spotlight on this talented entertainer and recording artist. Some locals, even going as far as whispering that "he is a lucky fella this year".

Lyrical Reds

// song writer, recording artist, singer, entertainer


Lyrical Reds is the name he goes by since he first entered Antigua Soca Monarch in 2009 with a song called "Tool Kit".


For a Rookie artist on the scene in 2009 he made an impression that he made it to the Semifinals that year.


The next year, 2010 he entered with another song called "Plantain" where he made it to the Soca Monarch Finals @ age 19.

Hard Knaxs

// king, entertainer, recording artist, song writer, environmentalist 


Joel Lewis, born on the 3rd April 1897, is a very energetic entertainer from the beautiful islands of Antigua and Barbuda. He first started singing in 2004 which eventually led to him winning the Antigua and Barbuda Soca Monarch and Road March in 2011 with one of his hot songs: Kentucky or KFC.

"I love making music and having fun. It’s a joy to do music for me. I intend to be one of the greatest the world has ever seen. I also do dancehall and some other genres of music."

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